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Corporate Portal

Allows your institution or organisation to manage your commodities, rates for reward and the rewards given. The platform allows your institution to add and configure different means of commodity redemption. The corporate portal also has full reporting and user management built in for your organisation.

Dealer SmartPhone

This is a custom built smartphone application that the recycling or any other organisation uses in the process of trading commodities for a commodity value on site or (monetary value where applicable). The application records the trade and issues the commodity value in a secure manner. The application can only be accessed by the organisation's designated dealers.

                              Trader Portal/Trader Smartphone App

This is a web and smartphone application, that allows a trader (someone collecting commodities), to see their individual deal with the organisation, monitor their current balance and transactions, redeem their commodity value for cash (where applicable) or goods and services (where applicable) and trade their commodity assets between other registered traders.