Care Home & Retirement Living

24/7 365 Infection Prevention Control Protecting those that matter most

Safe Touch Global supply unique and innovative antimicrobial surface protection solutions to the CareHome & Retirement Living sector.

Installing Safe Touch surface protection solutions throughout your CareHome or Retirement Living accommodations, ensures all your residents, visitors and staff are protected 24/7, 365 days of the year against a wide range of harmful pathogens.

We provide a range of packages to suit your requirements including monthly subscriptions and bespoke branded products.

Being Responsible…

At Safe Touch Global we believe that it is not a “nice to have” but a “responsibility” to protect all your staff, visitors, patients etc from the spread of viruses and germs through simply touching common touch-points.  Safe Touch Global products are world leading in the antimicrobial space and has continued to develop and innovate across touch-points solutions. Working heavily across the NHS, Care Homes/Retirement Living, Councils, Retail to name a few. It also allows significant cost saving on time and detergents therefore you are protecting more for less cost.



Safe Touch is a UK company with a global reach focusing on the CareHome and Retirement Living sectors. 

Safe Touch work and sponsor SAFE – Safety Assurance for Everyone. SAFE represents a goal that all care providers are striving for: complete control over any infectious diseases entering the care setting. 

Safe Touch Global provide a unique product and service to the care setting sectors by specialising in antimicrobial surface protection solutions prevents the spread of germs and viruses.



Helping promote IPC & wellbeing in care settings

IPC Compliance – Everyone understands the severity of the coronavirus but as we go past the second anniversary of the UK going into its first lockdown, many, worryingly, have let their guard down when it comes to infection control.

What began with COVID expanded into a new perspective on infection control. The pandemic cooled but the understanding of infections and its lingering effects did not disappear entirely. 

Knowledge, methodology and technology all evolved rapidly so that not only was COVID kept under wraps but reducing the spread of all other infections and outbreaks could now be combatted more simply and cost effectively.

SUBSCRIPTION PACK - Care Setting Starter Kit - 220 items